Shadow Rising (Shadowed Space Book 2): A Cadicle Space Opera Adventure

Kali must stop a new threat rising in the Outer Colonies

As kidnappings continue, it’s new TSS Agent Kali Wietris’ job to find out why. Her investigation points to a secretive planet, Red Ghost, where no one visits without an invitation.

Pirates are fifteen-year-old Treva’s best hope of finding a mother, who mysteriously disappeared when his absent father returned. With his mother’s warnings about criminal ties ringing in his head, Treva becomes increasingly worried about the cost of his father’s love.

Together, Kali and Treva must uncover Red Ghost’s secrets. The last thing they need is the complication of an experimental, sentient weapon known as the Destroyer of Worlds. With the fate of entire planets on the line, Kali must confront the rising threat and free the captives before it’s too late.

Shadow Rising is the second installment in the Shadowed Space series, a space opera adventure series set in the Cadicle Universe, perfect for fans of strong heroines, twisty plots, and devious villains. Continue the adventure today!

Publisher: Dawnrunner Press
Publication date: July 2020
Editions: Ebook