Shadow Beyond the Reach (Shadowed Space Book 3): A Cadicle Space Opera Adventure

Terror attacks are ravaging the Outer Colonies.

SPEAR has been operating in the shadows for decades, building power and influence. When the organization targets the TSS, it threatens to undermine the fragile stability in the remote region.

SPEAR’s offer? Protection for those willing to give allegiance. But their true aim had dire implications for the entire Taran race. With TSS’ resources already strained, Kali is left with limited backup to stand against the growing menace.

Stretched to their breaking point, Kali and Mika must find a way to strike at the heart of SPEAR and prevent more worlds from falling victim to their dark designs. As the sinister plots against the Taran Empire begin to unfold, can Kali and her companions prevent the Outer Colonies from descending into chaos?

Shadow Beyond the Reach is the third installment in the Shadowed Space series, a space opera adventure series set in the Cadicle Universe, perfect for fans of strong heroines, twisty plots, and devious villains. Continue the adventure today!

Publisher: Dawnrunner Press
Publication date: November 2020
Editions: Ebook