Shadow Behind the Stars (Shadowed Space Book 1): A Cadicle Space Opera Adventure

Kali just went from hunter… to hunted.

The only thing Kali Wietris wants is the chance to make a difference. However, it takes more than desire to be an Agent in the elite telekinetic branch of the Taran military.

When a woman is abducted, Kali is given the dangerous assignment to test her suitability to move from trainee to fully-fledged Agent. Kali fears that her superiors don’t trust her, and she must prove that she has what it takes to overcome the trauma of her past.

With time running out for the captive, Kali must face her past head-on to become the Agent she wants to be. But when she becomes the abductor’s next target, it turns into a fight for her life.

Set in the internationally bestselling Cadicle space opera universe, the standalone Shadowed Space series is perfect for fans of futuristic sci-fi with a strong heroine, twisty plots, and devious villains. Begin your next adventure today!

Publisher: Dawnrunner Press
Publication date: February 2020
Editions: Ebook