Connect with Story

My first blog post in forever is short and sweet. It is just a flavour of a wintery December Monday.


Most relationships improve with time spent together, and the same goes for writing fiction, which is today’s job. It is easy since the city is wet with sleet and freezing. Now that she is dry from her run on the moors this morning, Lily has put her spaniel-soul into serving as my hot water bottle while taking up most of the sofa. When I need a break from writing, I read Brandon Sanderson’s final novel in his Skyward trilogy, Cytonic, which has everything I need to connect with his characters and disappear into the story.


What I should do is planning for next year since I am told this is the optimum time. I am not a planner.


My co-podcaster Mariëlle Smith has a choice of beautiful planners available, but I am trying out ‘My PA’ next year. It looks like it requires a level of dedication that I aspire to have. I will keep you updated (promise).


I would like to know, what elements do you need to connect with a story?


Photo by Berenice Melis of the University Art’s Tower in Sheffield, UK

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